How I make a fortune selling used panties

To wash and launder good quality panties can be rather expensive. I normally spend about £10 on a pair of good quality knickers which I wear when I work at London escorts. It is not only expensive to buy the right kind of detergent for your dirty panties, it take a lot of time to wash them by hand as well.

Recently I have been so busy on the night shift at London escorts that I have not had the time to wash my knickers.It was during at a break at London escorts I came across the perfect solution. I just had about ten minutes downtime before my next date when I came across this site where you could sell the panties that you have worn. To my surprise you can actually make money from selling the knickers that you have worn. I had never heard any of the other girls at London escorts talk about this, and when I finished my shift at the low priced London escorts, I decided that I would delve into the matter a little further.It turns out that selling your old panties has been a popular trend for some time. It started in Japan about 20 years ago when men started to collect their girlfriends’ old knickers.

A Japanese girl caught on to it, and she subsequently started to sell her old panties to gentlemen who had a fascination with sniffing knickers, or just collecting them. Now I can go through about 2 -3 pairs of knickers ever day at London escorts, and all things considered, it could be worth giving it a try.If you are interested is selling your old panties, you can set up your own website or create an account on one of the websites which specialise in selling old panties. As I was rather busy at London escorts at the time, I did not really have time to set up my own website, so I set up an account on one of the auctions sites which had been especially created for the purposes. It turned out that women from all over the world sell their panties online.

I immediately noticed that no other London escorts were on the site, and I thought that it would make my profile unique.How do I get on with selling my panties online? Well, I am not going to say that it has made me into a millionaire, but my profile is certainly very popular. I think that it may have something to do with the fact that I mention that I work for a London escorts service. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my knickers are selling like hot cakes on the site. Normally I get paid about $35 for a pair of nice lacy panties which is not bad since I only pay about a tenner for them. The money is credited to my Paypal account and then I ship the knickers to the buyer. It is a bit like eBay but the only thing that you can buy on the site, is knickers. On average I sell two pairs per day. That is not bad if you are looking for a little bit of extra income.…