I thought before that I am not meant to have a family, to be married to a beautiful wife and a father to many kids. I thought I would die single and enjoy my life. Well, I thought of this because my last relationship made me realize that it is better to live alone than be with someone. I seldom get too attached to a woman, but because of her alluring beauty, I have fallen with her. We know how love can make us feel better. We know how it strengthened us and made us a better person. Love is a beautiful feeling, and all of us just wanted to experience it and had it. All of us want to find the love of our lives and be with them for a lifetime. Perhaps, most men also see himself, waiting for his bride while walking in the aisle, and it could be the most romantic feeling. To have someone that would never leave us, and gives inspiration to us. Someone to remind us that we are worth it, and valuable too. We all need someone to hold our hand when we are old and gray. We all need someone to love us every single day of our lives. Someone that can take any risks for us and give us a better life. Love is the reason why we keep on striving hard and improving our life. Of course, we always wanted to provide a good life for our partner. We always wanted to give them a living that is beautiful and fun. We still want to have a comfortable experience in the future.


To have someone in our life is everything, and I am so lucky that I found my love. She is the reason why my life has changed and become better. She is the reason why I choose to change my life and improve it. I was once a bad guy and loves to fool woman. I enjoy myself sleeping with them and no commitment at all. After the divorce of my parents, I also stop believing in love. It made me cry and spent many sleepless nights. I couldn’t accept how our life family broke and down. I need to work hard for my education, my mom can’t finance me anymore, and so I need to be brave for myself. I finished college in my sweat and hard work and been so proud of my achievements. I met Jessy, a London escort based in London. I fell in love with her because of her amazing beauty and wisdom in life. My love for her is going strong, and so decided to surprise her. I propose with a London Escort at the middle of the night on her birthday


To propose with a London Escort at the middle of the night on her birthday.
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