Guys have broken up with me for all sorts of reasons. Most of the time it has been over the fact they have had some hang up about London escorts. The rest of time, we have simply fallen out of love with each other, and we both have moved on. It is not easy to maintain a relationship when you for London escorts, and it can be rather hard work hanging out with a girl who does shift work like I do. But, my latest break up took me by surprise, and today, I still have a hard a time why it happened at all.

We all have to have our hobbies and mine is collecting points from various shops or supermarkets I shop at. That has made me very aware of the amount of money I spend. You can say I am a bit of scrooge at times. Anyway, I do have this thing about spending lots of time on the computer making sure I am tracking all of points when I have a day off from cheap escorts in London. Not only that, but I also like to track all of the best deals. In all honesty, all of this saves me lots of money on all of the things I need on both a personal and private level.

My boyfriend was one of those people not care how much money he spent. The fact that I was interested in saving money did not bother him, but the amount of time I spent making sure that I was part of various points schemes did. I know, collecting points is not the sort of thing you would not normally associate with a girl from a London escorts service, but I am kind of fanatical about it. I am always telling the girls who I work with at London escorts about various points offers, and how they can make the most out of their loyalty shopping and bonus cards.

Over the last year or so, it has become a bit of an obsession and I have even started my website. On my days off from London escorts, I had to dedicate rather a lot of time to this website, and it really annoyed my boyfriend. Never mind the fact that he had lots of time to himself to play squash whenever he wanted to. It seemed to me he expected me to spend all of my time off from London escorts with him, but that was something that was never going to work. Sometimes it is good to have some time just to yourself to pursue your own hobby.

Perhaps I have gone a little bit overboard with my endless collection of points and money off vouchers. My boyfriend and I ended up going shopping in stores which would add to my points collection. I did realise that I only talked about points, and it was not only points on my cards which concerned me. It was clear I was becoming a real points collector on everything. It is really addictive once you get into it, and I was not the only girl at London escorts who was into.

However, in the end, it seemed to have taken over my life and my boyfriend became bored with me going on about points all of the time. One day we had a really big row in Tesco about how I could get the most points out of my shop that day. My boyfriend said he had enough and left me plus my Tesco clubcard in the shop. I guess I had not accumulated enough points to keep him.

Weird Break Ups
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